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Welcome to Berea's Community Makerspace!

We have signed a lease! This is exciting, but means that we are now committed to make this happen!

Here is a task list that must be completed before we are fully operational, in no particular order:

  • File building permit for change to F-1 designation
  • Apply for business license
  • Email and social media outreach to potential new members
  • Establish new member orientation procedures and access control
  • Plan and schedule an electrician to make necessary changes
  • Create initial space layout
  • Move furniture from 121 N Broadway
  • Move in initial equipment
  • Purchase and install door lock access system
  • Purchase and install 1400 CFM exhaust fan
  • Finish patching the unit dividing wall for fire-rating

To become a member, register here:
To donate to the space, visit this page:

If you are interested in membership, or would like to help us make this a reality, email

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