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-=== Welcome to Berea'​s Community Makerspace! ===+===== Welcome to Berea'​s Community Makerspace! ​=====
-We have signed a leaseThis is excitingbut means that we are now committed ​to make this happen! Here is our short-term timeline:+We have been in our current location ([[https://​​berea-makerspace?​share|116 Spring Circle Dr - Unit 3]]) since August 2019The space is growing all the timewith new activity, new equipment, and new capabilities. Come to our [[open_hours|Thursday Open House]] and check us out!
-  * Aug 10 - Saturday - **First rent payment due** We can begin to move in furniture and equipment +Our space is based on a few founding principles:
-  * Aug 11 - Sunday - Moving in. +
-  * Aug 13 - Tuesday - **First Member Meetup** +
-  * Aug 17 - Saturday -  +
-  * Aug 18 - Sunday -  +
-  * Aug 20 - Tuesday - **Member Meetup and Setup Party** +
-  * Aug 24 - Saturday -  +
-  * Aug 25 - Sunday -  +
-  * Aug 27 - Tuesday - **Member Meetup and Open House**+
-We also need to schedule a work day to put in a ventilation fan, new door access system, and finish fire-rating ​the space. ​We are getting an electrician to put in some new circuits and receptacles as well.+  * **Member Ownership** ​our paying members make the decisions that run our space. 
 +  * **Inclusivity** ​ - all members should feel welcome, regardless of their background. 
 +  * **Resiliency** - our space is self-supporting for our core operations. 
 +  * **Community Centric** - our space is part of the larger Berea community.
-To become a member, register here: [[https://​]]+[[https://​​about/|Our Board]] ensures that we maintain tax-exempt status and that we meet our financial obligations. All other decisions about the operation of the space are made by our members. ​
-If you are interested in [[membership]],​ or would like to help us make this a reality, email become a member, register here: [[https://​​join-us]] \\ 
 +To donate to the space, visit this page: [[https://​​Donate]] 
 +If you are interested in [[membership]], partnership, or in some other way would like to help us make this community ​success, email
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