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Welcome to Berea's Community Makerspace!

We have signed a lease! This is exciting, but means that we are now committed to make this happen! Here is our short-term timeline, to that end.

  • Aug 10 - Saturday - First rent payment due We can begin to move in furniture and equipment
  • Aug 11 - Sunday - Moving in.
  • Aug 13 - Tuesday - First Member Meetup
  • Aug 17 - Saturday -
  • Aug 18 - Sunday -
  • Aug 20 - Tuesday - Member Meetup and Setup Party
  • Aug 24 - Saturday -
  • Aug 25 - Sunday -
  • Aug 27 - Tuesday - Member Meetup and Open House

We also need to schedule a work day to put in a ventilation fan, new door access system, and finish fire-rating the space. We are getting an electrician to put in some new circuits and receptacles as well.

To become a member, register here:

If you are interested in membership, or would like to help us make this a reality, email

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