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We use Quickbooks Online to manage our finances. Our bank accounts are at Park Community Credit Union.

Annual Tasks

  • Our fiscal year ends July 31st
  • We do not have to file taxes unless we have over 50k in revenue

Monthly Tasks

First day of the month:

  • Review the automated reports that are emailed to the board from QuickBooks.
  • Add Financial information to the wiki, both the main page and the last months details.
  • Reconcile in Quickbooks up to the beginning of the previous month
  • Pay rent

Last day of the month:

These tasks need to happen on the last day so that the reports generated on the first day are accurate.

  • Review and clear the pending Quickbooks transactions, editing and splitting as necessary.
  • Transfer donated money for specific funds to Savings and update wiki.
  • Transfer monthly savings amount for savings goals to Savings and update wiki.
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