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 [[https://​​drive/​u/​3/​folders/​0AItn3o7cCBcKUk9PVA|Berea Makerspace Google Drive]] [[https://​​drive/​u/​3/​folders/​0AItn3o7cCBcKUk9PVA|Berea Makerspace Google Drive]]
 +[[https://​|Workshop Buddy login.]] If you click on this while on our machines, you should be in our pro account, with unlimited calculations and more active projects
 [[https://​​free-trial/​vcarve-pro|vCarve Pro Trial software, for use with Makerspace license]]\\ [[https://​​free-trial/​vcarve-pro|vCarve Pro Trial software, for use with Makerspace license]]\\
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