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Getting Started with Slack

What is Slack?

Slack is a team-oriented communication platform. We use it to collaborate, disseminate information, poll members, and keep in touch with one another. You can use it in the browser once you have been invited, and there are also desktop and mobile applications.

If you are a member and need a new Slack invitation, please email me:

Join from your web browser
Get the iOS app
Get the Android app

How do I use it?

Slack is organized around channels. We have channels for each area of the makerspace. Have a question about the woodworking area? You can ask it in #shop-wood. You can also ask another member a question directly, or pull a couple of other people into a small discussion.

It is also possible to sign into slack and just get notified via app or email notification when messages come into channels that you are paying attention to, without having to always monitor the application.

Regardless of how much you plan on using it, please create an account and come check it out! We would love to be able to keep in touch with people more often than when we run into you at the makerspace.

Here is a very comprehensive guide to different features of Slack that are useful:

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