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New Member Orientation

[ ] Sign waivers and rights and responsibilities
[ ] Provide copies of policy docs
[ ] Provide copies of anti-harassment policy


  • What is this place: A member-run community workshop.
  • The board makes sure we can be in business. The rules and operational details come from members.
  • Be excellent to each other
  • Be proactive (just do it)


  • A member must be 18 or older, with dues paid
  • Membership gives you 24-7 access to the space
  • Membership lets you vote in important matters, such as our branding color scheme
  • You must be trained before using any equipment: training schedules are on the calendar
  • Members may have guests in the space: guests must sign waivers and cannot use equipment
  • Members may host events in the space, but are responsible for all guests and must remain in the space for the duration of the event and clean up/lock up


  • Safety
    • Board member phone numbers are on the blackboard; do text if there is a problem/concern
    • Explain tool safety training and scheduling: scheduled trainings appear on our calendar
    • Don't loan out your key fob
    • Don't be by yourself when using restricted list
    • Location of fire extinguishers, exits, eye wash, first aid kit etc
    • You are not obligated to let people in without access cards or give unscheduled tours.
  • Book Library (please use, but don't take things home)
  • Consumables are your responsibility
  • Clean up after yourself
  • Leave things so that others can use them without having to reset first
  • Lockers are available at no charge if you need them
  • In-progress projects can be left out as long as they are not a safety hazard or preventing the use of equipment. Label them with your name and the date.
  • Trash should be emptied when full
  • Lock-up procedures
    • Visually check that you are alone in the space.
    • Ensure back door is locked. It locks automatically, check that it is shut.
    • Turn thermostat off.
    • Turn lights off.

[ ] Show toilet paper / paper towels / trash bag location [ ] Demonstrate Slack, and encourage its use.
[ ]
Remind members that the orientation documents are on the wiki
[ ]
Set up RFID tag

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