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Meeting Summary from Tuesday Makers Meeting 9/3/2019 Summarized after the fact by Meg Wilson

Board members present: Brian, Meg, Jess Several Makerspace members and guests in attendance: estimated 15 adults and 4 minors.

Electric Work: Brian presented the information that we are moving ahead with an electrician, who has estimated they will be able to begin work on September 9th.

Key Card Access: All the parts for the key card access have arrived, and Brian will work on adjusting the door this week.

Back Door: The back door has been fixed so that is is always locked from the outside, but never locked from the inside. It is a safe emergency exit. Members must make sure that it is latched when they are following lock-up procedure.

WiFi: Meg and Brian announced that we now have WiFi, and wrote the network name and password on the chalkboard.

CNC Router: Jess announced that a CNC router has been purchased, and will arrive in approximately 6 weeks.

Grants and Donations: Meg announced that Park Community is donating an initial $500 and would like their logo to be displayed in the space, and that the PWA mini-grant is going to come through.

Branding/Color Scheme: Meg asked members to bring suggestions for color schemes for our branding, since one board member is interested in “neon magenta and purple” (it’s Meg) and one (or more) is (or are) interested in natural/earth tones.

If color palette options are brought in we will take a member’s vote on them.

Brian noted that many of our members are not on Slack, and we may need to consider the best way to communicate with members who aren’t able to make Tuesday meetings. Facebook is one of the ways Brian mentioned.

Printmakers: Meg announced a meeting of printmakers on Thursday evening at 5:15, inviting anyone who would like to attend.

Ceramics: Brian asked who has an electric kiln to donate, Julie said her brother has two. Meg asked if any of our current members have the knowledge and the interest to set up a ceramics area. It seems that we currently do not have that knowledge/expertise.

Smithy: Matt Wilson set up his anvil and forge outside in the parking lot and forged a necessary piece for the smithy.

3D Printers: Jess offered to give an orientation to anyone interested in using the 3D printers. Several first-time visitors toured the space.

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