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Incomplete Notes (obviously)

Gave updates on building progress
  • Electrician coming
  • Door access partially complete
  • Still need general ventilation
  • Still need site-specific ventilation for welding and blacksmithing
  • Still need a screen for welding
Discussed Grand Opening
  • Would be good to have a more polished introduction to the space
  • Invite local businesses and officials
  • make a splash
  • we need to be sure we are polished
  • we should have events and classes to sign up for
  • we should have examples of products people have made
  • woodshop should be complete with wall and dust collection
  • sewing area should be set up
  • good signage everywhere
  • sponsor wall

Ultimate decision - no rush to do this. Maybe target early spring?

City Grant
  • Received $1000
  • Unfortunately, we did not receive enough to upgrade the woodshop, even partially.
  • We need to decide if if the restrictions and reporting requirements, not to mention city-exclusive sponsorship, are worth accepting the money.
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