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Makerspace Members Meeting 8.27.2019 Notes: Joe Sheehan

Approximately 17 in attendance

Electrical: We got a new quote that's still pretty high. We had asked about providing some labor and if we can get agreement on that it could save 1/3 -1/2 the labor costs.

Ventilation - We have asked a contractor what they would charge to install the required ventilation. We haven't seen a quote. He told Brian it typically costs $400 a day for labor.

Ceramics - We have had several offers of kilns, and an offer for a wheel and some tooling. We don't know what the power requirements and would need to figure out how to pay for any upgrades we need.

Grants - We reapplied for the Partnering with Abi Grant asking for $1500 for startup costs. We also applied for a City of Berea grant asking for $5000 for a Sawstop table saw and dust collector.

Library - Brian setup a book library and is requesting that for now the books stay at the makerspace.

Door access - The last part for the swipe pass door lock system will be here soon.

Slack - Good place to ask questions. Brian will send out a sign up link.

Setup - Thanks for those folks who have been setting things up. If someone moves the stuff you setup work it out (maybe on slack)

Fire safety - the bolt on the back door is open so it can serve as our emergency exit. We will be removing it. please close that door completely behind you.

Setup continues - 3D printers are up and running.

Lighting - We will be upgrading our lighting to LED in order to save money.

Richmond Register Article - Look for it on the front page of there B section Labor Day weekend.

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