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Makerspace Meeting Notes 8.20.2019 (Noted by Matt Wilson)

Member signups, keys given out (electronic keys next time), orientation. Noted that if even though you have a key, you cannot use equipment without being trained on it yet. Lockup procedure- If you are the last person out, close everything up, back door, turn off lights, turn thermostat down to ___ (depends on season).

  • (Need to check if slider on back door is fire safe)

Discussed time for moving more stuff in

  • Worksheet for figuring out which work- Picked SUNDAY AFTERNOON at 1pm for moving stuff. Meet at Gallery 123 on Broadway.

Electrical work:

  • Jess noted that at Kre8now they did some of the work themselves and had an electrician finish it up
  • Brian talked about where outlets would be
  • Kiln- would need three-phase electricity, there is the possibility of having one available
  • Timeline:

What can we set up now without new electricity?

  • 3D printers (need computer set up- we have some available)
  • Blacksmithing

Internet this Thursday Consumables?

  • Unordered List ItemQR codes, keeping track of propane/filament/etc. (weighing gas?)

Fire extinguishers! Talk to Berea College Mike Morris? Take handle off of back door so that we can also take slide lock off

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