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Berea Makerspace Member Meetup

8-13-19 Brian Ramsay - Facilitator Joseph Sheehan - Notes

Welcome to our space. We received a bunch of furniture from Berea College, and various equipment donations from members, Kre8now, & etc.

How does it work? We pay memberships, members get to direct and vote. Any idea that we have space for, have someone to do it, and can pay for it, is fair game.

We are a non-profit, so we have a board. The board is responsible for keeping the lights on. Membership dues will cover all the basic costs (rent, insurance, utilities, & etc.) about $1200.00 per month.

Other onetime costs include, entry systems, electrical work, deposits, building ventilation, dust/noise barrier. We have identified some potential grants and donation to help defray the onetime costs. But do plan to cover costs with member fees.

Can we leave projects out for more than one day? Yes so long as it’s in progress. You will get a notice if it stagnates.

Can minors (16 year old) use the space independently? Not currently. Currently a parent who has also been trained needs to be present. But we will have this conversation.

What will be on the clean side? Sewing, Criquet, vinyl cutter, STEAMShops activities for kids.

Is it 24/7? Yes.

We are on slack. Members will be enrolled.

We will be communicating on Slack, FB, and email. Please like our FB page so you can follow our events.

Is there a standing meeting? Tuesday’s. 6:30-7:00 Member meeting, followed by an open house.

New members will be trained. Trainings will be ad-hoc at first, with makeup trainings. Eventually we will have standing trainings.

How do equipment donations work? Contact Brian Ramsay (slack works) to see if it’s something we need. We will lean toward equipment that is useful for more folks and isn’t expensive or complicated to maintain.

Do you have a wish list? Let’s make one! You can also invite your friends to sign up.

Are you doing committees? Laura is interested in helping design the space?

Are classes allowed? Yes! Classes are encouraged! We haven’t hammered out the details but Brian is working on it. Makerspace hosted classes may be focused on getting folks in the door to teach them something so they can see the value of membership. Members can host classes too.

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