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Makerspace Planning Meeting

11/10/2020 - Virtual

Floor Overhaul

Jess doesn't think a power scraper is necessary. We'll start out by hand, with this rough plan:

  • Removing the bar - Thursday Nov 10
  • Relocating all the existing furniture, supplies, and equipment - over the next couple of weeks
  • Removing the two tile areas and the existing carpet - before the end of November, when we can finish within a week
  • Removing any subfloor that might be present
  • Patching any large cracks in the concrete floor (if necessary)
  • Acid wash/stain/etch the concrete so it looks cooler (if we decide we want to)
  • Sealing the concrete
  • Move equipment back in
Bathroom Fix-up

The bathroom is in rough shape. It's not very welcoming, and won't stay clean if it starts out looking filthy. Ideas thrown out for improving the situation:

  • Clean out the nook and put in shelving
  • Scrub or replace the floor
  • Shave or reset door to close more easily
  • Signage for reminders
  • Fill or replace hand soap dispenser
  • Provide a clean table or surface
Create a floor above bathroom for storage

Jess will look into the support that a floor above the bathroom ceiling would need and if it's possible to store some items up there. We'd want to make sure it doesn't look cluttered, but it might be nice to put some things up there out of the way.

Looking Towards the Future

We talked a while about the benefits of a larger space in a better location. We recapped spaces that we looked at before and what the pros and cons were, and discussed possible partnerships to get in a larger building if we don't buy it outright. We'll continue to look for grants and start to put together a concrete financial plan for subletting studio spaces.

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