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Makerspace Planning Meeting

10-27-2020 - Virtual

What's in the works?
  • Finishing Bylaws signing
  • Overhaul of the entry room by replacing flooring, removing bar, and reorganizing
  • Brian wants to extend our reach for marketing purposes, future initiatives, and to increase membership.
  • Looking into our space options a couple years in the future. More space, located in old town.
  • We talked about a badge system to recognize and engage members as well as create an interesting display for visitors. (Badges like, Completed a Welding Project, Organized an Event, Added to the Wiki, Displayed art in the space, etc)
Space Improvements

We discussed the floor overhaul plan to remove the bar and the existing flooring and re-seal the concrete subfloor. We want to plan this out so we can do the whole job in a week to avoid too much disruption. It will involve:

  • Removing the bar
  • Relocating all the existing furniture, supplies, and equipment
  • Removing the two tile areas and the existing carpet
  • Removing any subfloor that might be present
  • Patching any large cracks in the concrete floor (if necessary)
  • Acid wash/stain/etch the concrete so it looks cooler (if we decide we want to)
  • Sealing the concrete

Jess is looking into some of the costs. We are thinking we want to try and do it in a month or so, maybe the first week of December. We'll need to check and see what Julie's mural plans are so we aren't disrupting her.

Jess and Eric are also working on piping for the blacksmith fuel


Brian is starting a push to improve our 'reach', expanding our email list and social media marketing as well as creating marketing materials we can advertise with. This will help with any future initiative or event we are wanting to launch as well as increasing our membership and revenue.

  • Orien suggested we improve the front of our building and include relevant information like contact info and hours. What a thought! ;-)
  • We could create videos showing off the space and how to use different pieces of equipment.
  • Regular email and social media posts will help
  • We should reach out to local industry and forge some relationships

A few items came up that we want to work on:

  • Brian - finish the bylaws signing
  • Brian - create a temporary contact sheet for the door
  • Jess - work on a permanent sign with info to add to the big sign
  • Jess - talk to Bryan Grubb about video equipment
  • Everyone - think of class ideas, ways to improve the space, and ways to bolster our community
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