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This page is for links to files that anyone can access, like branding source files, flyers, space signage, templates, etc.

Donated By labels - Avery 8066 or 5366

On Loan labels - Avery 8066 or 5366

Berea Makerspace Google Drive

Rights and Responsibilities Document

Workshop Buddy login. If you click on this while on our machines, you should be in our pro account, with unlimited calculations and more active projects

vCarve Pro Trial software, for use with Makerspace license
Amana Tool Databases for vCarve
As of 10/17/2020, we are using version 10.5

Bowl Blank STL for vcarve pro makerspace edition. We don't have access to the clipart, so maker Jess designed this. Can be scaled on all axes for whatever size you need!

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