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Board Meeting

9-29-2020 - Virtual

In attendance: Meg Wilson, Brian Ramsay, Jess Estridge
Purpose: General discussion of upcoming priorities

We need to finish our bylaws. We approved them earlier this year, but have not signed the document.

We are slightly down on memberships since the start of the pandemic. We should increase our outreach and class offerings, but are not in immediate financial danger.

We switched to paying rent in person because the checks from the bank were getting stuck in the post office.

The welding dry run training went well and the welding area is ready to be opened up for training and use.

What kind of classes can we hold or host to reach out to people that don't involve having a lot of people at the space (3ish people)?

We have some organization and cleanliness issues at the space that we should resolve if we are trying to bring in more members.

  • We should either steam clean or look into removing carpet.
  • Main room is getting cluttered, we need to sort out the layout for machines and computers
  • The bar needs to be removed (without damaging the floor) and the area behind cleaned up so it isn't a junk pile.
  • Possibly we could replace all of the carpet and tile in the whole room, as the entry tile is damaged.
  • We need a designated bin for recycling by the trash can. What kind?
  • Food issue appears to be resolved

Thanks to Jess for keeping up social media accounts.


  • Brian - Get individual board members to sign the bylaws document
  • Leah - Reimburse Jess for wall expenses
  • Jess - send woodshop orientation notes to Brian
  • Jess - consider scheduling regular CNC and 3d printer orientations
  • Jess - initiate review of our current 'clean room' layout and how to fix it (bringing others in to help)
  • Meg - Check with Kiana about the possibility of removing carpet and tile and resurfacing or sealing concrete
  • Brian - Drop off rent check at Kiana's
  • Brian - Begin “kid's area” cleanout
  • Brian - create woodshop orientation wiki page
  • Brian & Jess - update equipment list on wiki
  • Brian - schedule regular woodshop orientations and limited-access open houses
  • Brian - contact Roy Curtis about old Artist Accelerator table saw and jointer
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