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Board Meeting 8.23.2019 Attendance: Brian Ramsay, Leah Adams, Joseph Sheehan

Finance discussion:

  • Joe is going to submit paper work for KY sales tax purchase exemption for the Makerspace and file the 990 with the IRS.
  • Leah is going to submit paperwork for sales tax remittance. We must tax our memberships and submit that tax to the state. She is also going to determine the frequency that we need to submit it.
  • Joe is going to register our accounts for our QuickBooks online account.
  • Joe is going to determine how to track purchases and receipts so that Leah can streamline the book keeping activities.

Other discussions:

  • Electrical work - We hope that D&B will provide an affordable quote. They didn't seem very comfortable with the idea of us doing some of the manual labor (for example: pulling the wires and mounting the receptacle boxes) but they didn't say no, and left room for us to pick up the conversation later.
  • Discussed the need for computer monitors. Joe has some in addition to the ones Brian has brought.
  • A visitor stopped by so we showed them around!
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