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8/16/19 Berea Makerspace Board Meeting

Present: Ria, Brian, Meg, Joe

Tuesday member meeting debrief

• Most members came, a few new folks signed up!
• Folks and members had really good questions.
• Bring more forms!
• Work on the format of the meeting and get info to members beforehand.

Strategize about move

• Not everything
• All the surfaces (including the ones that were already in the Broadway space)
• Lockers
• Whiteboard
• Some Bookshelves
• Brian's woodworking equipment
• Strider's couch
• Blueprint trays

Floorplan discussion

• Laura and Michelle would like to be on the fun/atmosphere committee.
• Kids area out in the open

Update from Brian

• Still bugging Mike about quote for electricity, ventilation, and door frame alterations.

Strategize about grants:

• PWA - electrical, timing should work to reimburse
• Gift from Mitchael - Electricity ($2000) - Ventilation ($500) - Door lock ($300), Fire rating  ($120), Separation wall and ducting.
• City grant- Is purchase time restricted. Safety, and cool new equipment (Sawstop, dust collection?
• Park - Ventilation ($500)-Door lock ($300)- Fire rating building codes upgrade ($220)

Other things:

• Ria mentioned photo booth for product pictures that she wants to donate.
• Brian had a question about the ease of using Brian's table saw.
• Brian? Ask Andy about being on the safety board.
• Ria mentioned Himalayan salt lamps.
• Joe will investigate internet service cost.
• Ria will ask Rodney Short about sponsoring internet
• Have a grand opening to invite funders/community leaders in.
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