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  • Ria Selvaggio
  • Joe Sheehan
  • Brian Ramsay
  • Meg Wilson
  • Leah Adams


  • Should have enough bristlebots for the next event
  • Hyster-Yale contributing $750 - we don't have the check yet
  • Going to pre-print some widgets with the 3d printer for the last events (at Brian's house)

Space Discussion

  • Two properties on prospect st
    • Building next to Shell - unknown owner
    • Rundown building across the street - Martina is in talks with the city about a block development grant to fix it up. We might be able to get in there and pay rent?
  • Tolle building will be going to tourism, Gallery 123 back to the Artist Accelerator
  • Can we leverage the new relationship with Hyster-Yale and get some space in the candle factory?
  • We need to talk to FAHE and get on their radar

Upcoming Events

  • Halloween costume party
    • Organize lead-up events to work on costumes
    • Have beginner assistance
    • Michelle has volunteered to organize
    • Use the Quaker meeting hall for event?
  • Christmas parade float

Next Steps

  • Keep better email contact
    • Catchup email, updates on the summer and progress
    • Create and send financial survey - how much are people willing to spend
    • Halloween event announcement
  • Get cost expectation information via survey
  • Create basic financial plan
  • Follow-up with Linda Stone at Berea College, Partners for Education about grant-writing
  • Start website
    • Begin populating wiki
    • Install wordpress and give Ria admin account and ftp access
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