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Board Meeting

6-10-2021 - Makerspace and Virtual

In attendance: Ana Maria Selvaggio, Joe Sheehan, Leah Adams, Brian Ramsay, Jess Estridge, Nick Schoville, Eric Keller

Purpose: Update the members of the board since Meg is leaving.

Board Election:

Meg is leaving and we need to update our board members. We'd like to get to 7 members to make reaching quorum easier. We propose to add Eric Keller and Nick Schoville to the board for the next term.

We never completed the election process document that we reference in our bylaws, though it does say that board members are elected by the members. For this election, the current board will recommend a slate of members for approval by the membership (the current board - Meg + Eric and Nick).

Mask Policy:

A lot has changed in the year since we made our mask policy. We concluded that we should be following Kentucky's guidance as much as possible, to avoid confusion.

* Vaccinated members and guests can forgo wearing a mask * Unvaccinated members and guests must continue to wear a mask * Any members alone in the space do not need to wear a mask * Masks will still be required for events and classes over 5 people?

We need to check the latest recommendations.

Large Space Search:

If we want to rent part of the Poke Boat building (or any other space), we need to seriously think through the considerations and put together a proposal.

* Usage of space - we need to plan out what our needs are and what we could do with different sized spaces * Affordability - Can we pay a competitive rent without taking on too much risk? * Studio Licensees - How many studio bays could we support, how much income, what would the layout be? * Manageability - How much work would be required to maintain a large space with more programming? We will need more volunteers and more roles filled. * Initial Funds - We will need startup and moving costs, and probably some renovation. How would we raise this? Grants? Sponsorships? Crowdfunding?

Further Discussion Leah brought up the question of board expectations, and what roles need to be filled. Where do we need help? There are not too many regular roles yet, other than Quickbooks management and orienting new members. We could use more volunteers doing trainings and orientations. We also need people to be thinking of classes, recruiting instructors, etc Brian requested a minimum expectation that board members will attend regular planning meetings whenever possible, and the others generally agreed. Brian mentioned that he'd like to do a marketing push this summer and produce some materials for booth display and handouts. Taylor Breckon and Beth Coleman have offered to help with this. Todos:**

  • Brian - call festivals to set up a booth
  • Brian - email members for the board election
  • Brian - email members for mask policy vote
  • Brian - update wiki with meeting notes
  • Ria - get contact for marketing banner
  • Everyone - be thinking about poke boat proposal and marketing initiatives
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