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Minutes May 24, 2019 11 am Makerspace Joe Sheehan, Meg Wilson, Brian Ramsay

11:10 Brian talked about Seattle makerspace. They recommend *not* WildApricott, Brian says we are not yet paying for WildApricott.

11:12 Status on the lease. Brian has called Randy and left several messages.

Amanda e-mailed Brian and said that the woodworking stuff is very specific to us and doesn’t feel like an investment for the city to do, and the door between as well. She also asked if we have a cost estimate for the floor leveling- Brian was thinking a few hundred dollars. She also said she could get an estimate. Brian will get back to her.

Joe suggests the city could hire a big box store to just come and level the floor.

Brian will call to get an estimate.

Brian will ask Amanda to get an estimate for ventilation.

Brian talked to Kerri- she doesn’t want us to talk to Ms. Hays until we have talked to Randy and Amanda. Brian will attempt to reach out to them, then Monday will call Ms. Hays to introduce us and let her know we have some questions about changes on the space.

The city lawyer is back, Brian says there is no reason we shouldn’t be able to sign the lease.

11:21 Meg says she wrote and submitted Abi grant.

Brian says his neighbor has info on another grant opportunity.

11:24 We discussed considering running STEAMshops on a very basic level out of the space.

11:27 If people want to prepay they need to write checks

11:27 Creating a policy for financial documents

Brian and Joe would need to be present to sign Leah on to the account to give her sign-in credentials.

Brian has login access.

Joe’s co-worker has agreed to sit down and discuss with Leah and Joe how to do non-profit accounting.

Joe wants transparency for financials. He thinks maybe a google doc with forms, so that it is all in one place, with Slack integration.

Joe will set up a meeting between him, Leah and Casey.

11:34 The Seattle makerspace recommended a Wordpress app for membership fees that is much more useful. It costs $550-650 per year.

WildApricott is free until we have 50 members. Then it will be $40/month or so.

Brian will compare the two. Joe will sit down with him and look at the two together.

Seattle is organized as a “holaocracy”- zappos de-centralized management style. They have elected people in charge over an area for a period of time, and that person has a team who helps them. They have clearly delineated responsibilities. Has structure for meetings.

We agree that defined “officers” is not necessarily bad.

11:49 Joe wants to see a list of policies we may start out with.

Meg will copy and paste into docs, will be available for notes

We must vote on final policies.

We need a finalized membership agreement, policies and waiver

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