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  • Meg Wilson
  • Joe Sheehan
  • Brian Ramsay
  • Jess Estridge
  • Matt Wilson

Purpose: To determine the options for satisfying Berea Codes requirements.

Process: Engage in discussion to answer the challenges of codes enforcement.


Summary of Codes Notes:

  • Upstairs needs structural review and new staircases (at least) before use other than storage.
  • Ventilation of at least .5 CFM per sq ft needed for entire space (intake and exhaust).
  • Woodworking space needs to be in a 2-hr rated area < 2500 sq feet or fire suppression is required.
  • Permits must be pulled and licensed contractors hired for electrical, plumbing, and mechanical changes, not including framing only.
  • Floor needs to be leveled in places.

Difficulties this raises

  • Expense beyond what the City might be willing to incur
  • Time required to ameliorate the issues and pass the inspections
  • Our initial startup funds might not be enough.

Potential Options

  • Build a fire-rated room in the SE corner of the space.
  • Start with no woodworking and add it in later
  • Have a small woodworking room in the concrete block room, fire-rate the ceiling and door only.

Other Discussion

  • MACED will likely sponsor our nonprofit organization and tax exemption process, starting in 2 weeks.
  • Our options hinge on what the City is willing to do. We should ask.

Outcome & To-Do

  • Meg - Continue work on Member Agreement
  • Matt - Follow up with college about donations
  • Jess - get some Kre8now expertise
  • Brian
    • Continue Wild Apricot application
    • Follow up with
      • Randy - what is the city involvement?
      • City maintenance - get further idea of the expense, city ability
      • Kerri - Appraise her of progress and what might need to be done to the building Kerri
      • Codes - determine the definition of woodworking space, specific fire rating required
    • Communicate progress to prospective members
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