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  • Ria Selvaggio
  • Joe Sheehan
  • Brian Ramsay
  • Jess Estridge
  • Leah Adams

Purpose: To determine the critical steps for signing a lease on the Hays location, without creating future barriers.

Process: Engage in discussion to answer the questions.


Important point that we haven't discussed. We need a member agreement before we can sign up member!

How should we proceed with collecting membership dues?

  • We should start with a bank account.

Make sure that the bank that we choose has software integration abilities. Leah

  • Brian will call Erin Porter & other banks to see if we can have a simpler process than what Amanda C offered.
  • Want the solution to be as simple as possible. = not transferring money between accounts if possible.
  • Start with membership platform we intend to use. Migrating is painful and you lose folks along the way.

Is it time to crowd source funding?

  • Yes it's time to do this
  • Joe will create a channel to discuss the specifics. -Leah will be the point person.

nonprofit questions

  • That role does the board play?
  • To not lose the nonprofit status.
  • Should we have the board on the website? Yes but under the financial section, the faces on the site should be member roles.
  • Have annual meeting, have bylaws, have at least 3 members, Have term limits, & etc.
  • How many directors on board?
  • Start with 5 because we have volunteers. Stay above 3 so we can afford to lose one. Check with Meg too -Joe

Weekly meeting time?

  • Start a slack conversation around a standing meeting time.
  • Evenings preferable for Jess. Weekday evenings are challenging for Brian, Leah, Joe

When to celebrate our accomplishments?

  • Just us. Schedule on Slack.

Engaging community.

  • Have a transparent process on the website for potential members to see.
  • Send communication to everyone on email list. Brian will post to FB groups.
  • Advertise an open house for after we sign the lease in the announcement email/post.
  • Being on Facebook is important. Maybe a locked down FB Page so we can post events/be found.
  • Members on Slack/emailing from Wild Apricot/mail Chimp & etc.
  • Do we want to host a larger, not necessarily member, community so they can share resources? -Not much interests, Jess says it's not worth it. Slack works for Kre8now's members.


  • Leah is volunteering to do book keeping.
  • We want folks to pay with credit card default recurring.

Parking lot

  • Codify operations to make more consistent.
  • Sponsors
  • Define “Founding Member”
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