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Board Meeting

2-28-2020 at Makerspace

In attendance: Meg Wilson, Brian Ramsay, Jess Estridge
Called in: Ria Selvaggio
Purpose: First Reading of Bylaws (continued)

5.1 Discussion

Ayes - all present

5.2 Discussion

Ayes - all present

5.3 Discussion

Motion to amend text to remove gender reference.

“An officer may be removed or resign at any time, with or without cause. Removal requires an action of the Board. Resignation requires that the officer submit a written notice of resignation to the Secretary.”

Ayes to amended text - all present

5.4 Discussion

Motion to replace with LVL1's language, minus the “President presides” sentence.

“The President serves as a representative of Berea Makerspace to the public, and in all functions where a President may be called for by law or any other outside requirements. The president is responsible for making sure that the corporation files it's annual report, Kentucky charitable organization statements, and any other papers required to maintain legal nonprofit status by the law of Kentucky or Federal law. In the absence of a Treasurer, the President will also serve as the chief financial officer.”

Ayes to amended text - all present

5.5 Discussion

Motion to replace with Meg's amended text

““The secretary will be responsible for sending out notices for all meetings, keeping minutes for all meetings, and making available copies of meeting minutes at the registered location.”

Ayes to amended text - all present

5.6 Discussion

Ayes - all present

Note: We need to add the officer positions, responsibilities, election details, and compensation ($0).

6.1 Discussion

Ayes - all present

6.2 Discussion

Motion to amend text

“With authorization from the Board of Directors, the President and Secretary will sign all documents, including all financial documents, that require the signature or endorsement of a corporate officer.”

Ayes to amended text - all present

7 Discussion

Ayes - all present

8.1 Discussion

Amend first sentence to say “meetings of the Board of Directors”

“A record of all meetings of the Board of Directors will be kept at the principal place of business or at an alternate location chosen by the Board of Directors.”

Ayes to amended text - all present

8.2 Discussion

Ayes - all present

8.3 Discussion

Amend to say “Directors and members”, and strike the second sentence.

“Corporate records and Bylaws are available for inspection by Directors and members.”

Ayes to amended text - all present

8.4 Discussion

Ayes - all present

9.1 Discussion

Ayes - all present

9.2 Discussion

Ayes - all present

First reading complete
Motion to adjourn
Motion passed

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