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This page is for keeping track of the board and organizational roles that we have, and what the expectations are for each role.


  • Public face of the organization. Contact point for partner organizations and new relationships.
  • Responsible for annual report, Kentucky organization statements, other nonprofit requirements
  • Ensure the Board and organization are operating appropriately and as expected by the Bylaws
  • With the Secretary, the President signs all documents that require an officer's signature
  • Assumes the role of Treasurer in the Treasurer's absence


  • Plans and sends out notices for meetings
  • Keep minutes and notes for meetings
  • Publish meeting notes on the wiki
  • Organize Board of Director elections
  • With the President, the Secretary signs all documents that require an officer's signature


  • Ensure financial obligations are being met (rent, utilities, etc)
  • Monitor and control usage of corporate checks, debit cards, and credit cards
  • Process and categorize Quickbooks transactions
  • Reconcile statements in Quickbooks
  • Prepare financial reports for board and outside entities
  • Publish financial summary to wiki
  • Participate in any necessary financial audits

All Board Members

  • Be present for board meetings whenever possible
  • Put energy into the space, whether through running orientations and trainings, organizing classes, public outreach and marketing, maintaining the physical space and equipment, etc.
What might be missing?
  • Coordinating committees and teams we have talked about, like harassment response and safety team.
  • A fundraising and grant-writing role
  • Makerspace equipment and maintenance management
  • These don't necessarily have to be board roles, either. They could be corporate positions.
From the Bylaws:

5.4 PRESIDENT. The President serves as a representative of Berea Makerspace to the public, and in all functions where a President may be called for by law or any other outside requirements. The President is responsible for making sure that the corporation files its annual report, Kentucky charitable organization statements, and any other papers required to maintain legal nonprofit status by the law of Kentucky or Federal law. In the absence of a Treasurer, the President will also serve as the chief financial officer.

5.5 SECRETARY. The Secretary will be responsible for sending out notices for all meetings, keeping minutes for all meetings, and making available copies of meeting minutes at the registered location.

6.1 BINDING POWER. No officer, agent, or any other person or company has the right or power to bind the Corporation by pledge, agreement, contract, or any other means without the expressed written permission of the Board of Directors.

6.2 SIGNATORIES. With authorization from the Board of Directors, the President and Secretary will sign all documents, including all financial documents, that require the signature or endorsement of a corporate officer.

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