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Supplemental Info for 3D Printing Orientation (FDM)

This page will include video and textual links to supplement our 3D Printing Orientation. This is not a replacement to our orientation.


  • (2x) Bambu Lab X1-C (Requires Basic FDM Orientation)
    • One is equipped with the AMS system for multicolor / multimaterial
    • Build Volume: 256mm x 256mm x 256mm
    • Nozzle Size: 0.4mm
    • Materials Supported: PLA, PETG, ABS/ASA, Nylon, TPU, Soluble Support Materials
    • Slicer Used: Bambu Studio
  • Ender 5 Plus (Requires Large Format 3D Printing Orientation)
    • Build Volume: 350mm x 350mm x 400mm
    • Nozzle Size: 0.4mm
    • Materials Supported: PLA, PETG
    • Slicer Used: Prusa Slicer / Super Slicer
  • CR-10 Max (Requires Large Format 3D Printing Orientation)
    • Build Volume: 450mm x 450mm x 450mm
    • Nozzle Size: 1.0mm
    • Materials Supported: PLA, PETG
    • Slicer Used: Prusa Slicer / Super Slicer

Bambu Labs Resources

What do I want you to get out of our basic orientation?

  • Loading and Unloading filament
    • Loading and unloading with the AMS
  • Preparing Build Plate
  • Navigating the menu
  • Operating Bambu Studio
    • Connect to Printer
    • Choose Plate
    • Choose Filament
    • Choose Preset
    • Altering the Preset
      • Strength Settings
        • Walls, infill
      • Support settings
        • Manual and Automatic Support
      • Other Settings
        • Brim
    • Loading Models onto bed
      • Manipulating Models
        • Rotating
        • Scaling
        • Moving
        • Manual Support Painting
        • Laying Flat
        • 3D Text


  • Material - PLA, PLA+, PETG
    • Please let us know if you'll be using PETG, or unlisted materials. A cold pull will need to be performed after use
      • A cold pull involves clearing out the hotter melting filament before using a colder melting filament. PLA is the most common used filament at the space, and has the lowest melting temp - any debris left after a PETG or similar print will not melt under PLA hotend temperatures. This generally requires preheating the hotend to the temp of the higher melting point material, passing PLA filament through, cooling the hotend below the PLA melt temp (ideally around 160c) and physically pulling out the filament.
      • This should remove extra filament that was remaining in the hotend before the procedure
      • This may need to be performed multiple times
      • If you are not comfortable doing this, please stick with PLA, or coordinate with Jess or another experienced printer in order to load and unload your filament
        • That said, please get comfortable doing this. I'm happy to help you the first time, or if there is an unexpected clog, but advanced filaments require you to be competent in this level of printer maintenance
  • Filament Size - 1.75mm
  • Brand - Most PLA and PETG available these days is of adequate quality. Amazonbasics, SUNLU, Hatchbox, Overture are my most purchased filaments
    • IIID Max is a great option if you're buying a lot. Free shipping and the lowest per kg prices right now
    • PushPlastic is my preferred vendor for large rolls. The filament spool holder I have available for the cr-10 max supports their rolls. Be wary, as the hole size for various vendors for 5kg+ spools can vary drastically.

Where to Find 3d Models

  • TinkerCAD - Browser based, cloud based, approachable for makers of all ages
  • Fusion 360 - Cloud based parametric 3d modeling software. Collaborative, powerful, free license available
  • LuBan - Has a number of fun features for scaling models to any size, lithographs, box making, extrusion, etc. We have a license for this software on site, available on the PC located in the 3d Printing Area

Working with LuBan

  • LuBan is generative design software that helps designers and makers in rapid production of their creations
    • LuBan automatically generates 3D models in various forms, such as lithophane, stack, hash, plate, relief, module, and wireframe. The generated model can be fabricated by 3D printing, laser cutting, and CNC milling.
    • “Hello LuBan” includes detailed instructions on using the lithopane feature of LuBan, one of the most popular uses of this software currently

Supplemental Info for 3D Printing Orientation (Resin)


  • Elegoo Mars 2 Pro
    • Build Volume: 129mm(L), 80mm(W), 160mm(H)
    • Screen: Monochrome LCD, 2K HD
    • Fulament's flexible build plate has been installed (easy removal)
  • Elegoo Mercury Wash and Cure station
    • Provides both cleaning and curing solutions for post processing of resin prints


  • UV Curable Resins (405nm)
  • Come in “standard”, “tough” / ABS-like, flexible, casting, and many other variations
    • These affect printing times, post processing, strength, details, and flexibility
  • Multiple colors are possible
    • Opaqueness affects curing time and print quality
    • Grey filaments generally recommended for details and painting
  • Mixing and matching is possible
  • All resins have an expiration date. Buy less if you don't print much!
  • Resins must be stored in a cool, dark location. Please don't leave them at the space
  • Resins are affected by temperature - make sure the room it 75 degrees or so before starting a print
  • Recommended resins producers:

Other Consumables

  • Isopropyl Alcohol (90%)
    • Required for cleaning prints
    • Reusable for several prints
    • Some resins are water washable. We don't have a container for water rinsing, but a Pickle Container with Strainer is a great way to rinse resin prints before curing.
    • YOU NEED to be using hand protection when handling uncured resin. Prolonged exposure to resins can create a sensitivity
  • Resin Vat / FEP Film
    • You are responsible for your own Resin Vat. Having personal vats lets you store poured resin for a future print while not inconveniencing others.
    • Resin Vats have a layer of FEP film on the bottom to allow light to pass through into the vat for curing. This occasionally wears out. FEP film must then be replaced.
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