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Welcome to Berea's Community Makerspace!

We have been in our current location (116 Spring Circle Dr - Unit 3) since August 2019! The space is growing all the time, with new activity, new equipment, and new capabilities. Come to our Thursday Open House and check us out!

Our space is based on a few founding principles:

  • Member Ownership - our paying members make the decisions that run our space.
  • Inclusivity - all members should feel welcome, regardless of their background.
  • Resiliency - our space is self-supporting for our core operations.
  • Community Centric - our space is part of the larger Berea community.

Our Board ensures that we maintain tax-exempt status and that we meet our financial obligations. All other decisions about the operation of the space are made by our members.

To become a member, register here:
To donate to the space, visit this page:

If you are interested in membership, partnership, or in some other way would like to help us make this community a success, email

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