Member Rights

Berea Makerspace Membership Rights and Responsibilities:

Definition of “Member”: a member is a person 18 years old or older, whose membership form has been completed and processed, who has read and agreed to the Berea Makerspace Policies, who has attended orientation, and who is up-to-date on monthly membership fees. A non-member guest may be in the space only if accompanied by a Member.

A guest may not use any equipment unless they are attending a class or workshop which includes supervision by a trained Member.

Children under 18 may be in the space only when accompanied by a Member, and the parent/guardian of the under-18 guest must have signed a waiver. Both the under-18 guest and the Member must have undergone training on the equipment they are using.

All Members and guests must sign a waiver.

Rights of Members:

  1. Receive communications about regular meetings
  2. Eligible to vote on issues that are brought to a vote
  3. 24-hour access to the space
  4. A method for unlocking the space
  5. A harassment-free makerspace (please see our Anti-Harassment Policy)

Responsibilities of Members:

  1. Follow all posted safety rules. Make safety a top priority in the space and create a culture of safety.
  2. When contributing to the community, do so thoughtfully with ideas, comments, and volunteering.
  3. Clean up after your projects - no one is paid to pick up your mess.
  4. Remain up to date on monthly payments.
  5. Provide accurate contact information.
  6. Abide by the Anti-Harassment Policy.
  7. Follow posted lock-up protocol when leaving the space.

Safety Rules:

  1. Do not operate any equipment while under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or medication.
  2. Use only the equipment you have been trained to use (if that equipment requires training).
  3. Firearms are never allowed on the premises.
  4. Do not give your access key or card to anyone else.
  5. Do not allow a non-member into the space outside of open house hours, unless you are directly supervising them while they are in the space.