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What would you build if you had the

Find out by becoming a member, and unleash your creativity at the Berea Makerspace.

Join our community and share a workshop where you can create projects from start to finish using the tools, resources, and knowledge found in our 2200 sq foot, 24/7 access workshop.

Blue CNC Piece@4x
Examples of working@2x

what tools do you have?

Berea Makerspace is a member-run workspace with 24/7 access to tools and room to bring your ideas to life.

We believe that you can always learn a new trick, technique, or skill. Members can share tools, resources, and knowledge through collaboration and shared use of the space.

Our workshop includes equipment for woodworking, digital fabrication (including 3d printers, CNC plasma / routing / lasers), sewing, metal fabrication, blacksmithing, printmaking, and other types of crafting. Our inventory is curated, managed and grown completely through the labor of our members - /you/ can have your say in how these capabilities develop!

Our members are always adding more capabilities. You are only limited by your imagination!

what workshops do you have?

Our membership provides access to tool-level orientations at a low or no cost to you. Feel confident in your ability to make the most use of your makerspace.

Membership not a good fit? Would you like to experience what the makerspace offers before joining? We have a calendar filled with exciting community events and workshops, accessible to everyone.


members in the community.

Creativity thrives within a community.

We work together to create projects for our local community (such as the frames for a community Christmas Tree project, Chimney Swift nest at the Forestry Outreach Center, and Accessible Raised Garden Beds).

Whether you're a seasoned expert or a curious beginner, our makerspace is one where everyone can contribute and learn from one another. From collaborative projects to impromptu skill-sharing sessions, we’re all about fostering a community.

It's not just about tools and technology; it’s about the people too.